The Solar Windbreaker, designed by Pauline van Dongen, was made in assignment of the Wadden Sea Society. This durable and water-resistant jacket is a unisex garment, designed to offer shelter and provide the wearer with sustainable energy. With a user centered approach in both design and branding,  the garment is praised for it’s innovative qualities in wearability and comfort of wearable technology.


      project details

      During ebb-tide the surroundings of The Wadden Sea Islands, located at the north of The Netherlands turn into a wide fallow scape, offering the opportunity to walk and explore the soil ground of the sea. Tour-guides of the Wadden Sea Society introduce all type of hikers, to the beauty of the era in different types of expeditions which can take up from 2 to 10 hours away from vast land.

      To improve the experience of these expeditions, Studio Pauline van Dongen and sustainable clothing brand Blue LOOP Originals, joined forces and design a garment commissioned to provide their tour guides with a solar powered jacket, offering comfort and functionality.

      To provide the wearer with instant sustainable energy, three solar panels are integrated directly into the garment by process of lamination. Using the world’s most efficient thin-film and flexible solar panels, provided by Alta Devices, the solar energy accumulated in the custom made lightweight charging module can charge a typical phone in 1 to 2 hours, depending on weather conditions.

      The design approach was centered around comfort and creating a user friendly design. With a close collaboration with the wearer of the design, and user focused product positioning the high tech garment succeeded to shake of the artificial image of wearable tech and was the first wearable solar design that was able to surpass the prototype phase and be worn outside exhibition context.

      Design: Pauline van Dongen

      Branding & Art Direction: Paulien Routs

      Photography: Roos van de Kieft

      Make-up and Hair: Rosa van Koningsbruggen

      Models: Sana Cisse, Martijn van der Mark , Isabel Beretzen

      Denim by BlueLOOP Originals
      In assignment of Wadden Sea Society
      Design by studio Pauline van Dongen
      Flexible solar panels by Alta Devices