This sport focussed textile coating can provide it’s wearer with information on their sweat composition. As the wearer sweats, the applied pattern will change of color, communicating wether or not the wearer’s sweat is well hydrated or not


      project details

      SOAK™ is a sweat sensitive textile coating that informs the wearer about hydration levels. It's a spray-on coating, which can be applied to textile or garments that are worn while working out. In reaction to the components of the wearer’s sweat, the coating colors represent the hydration levels of the wearer.

      The coating will show reaction between 5 to 15 minutes after the start of someone’s workout and remains active, changing color if the values of the micro-fluids change.

      The goal of the development of this coating is to offer counterbalance to all smart textiles that are being introduced in fashion and sports, making use of hardware. These textile innovations surpass the natural communication of the body.

      Naturally, our body communicates information about our health through our senses. We get sunburn after sitting in the sun too long, or a rash if we are allergic; start coughing when we are sick. I wanted to create a body-informative smart textile that communicates in a similar manner and takes a similar approach by mimicking the sensitive way our bodies can interact.

      Design: Paulien Routs

      R&D: Paulien Routs,, Droog Design

      Photography: Paulien Routs

      Made in collaboration with Droog Design
      Made with the support of THEWA innovations, NCV & Annebeth Kroeskop
      SOAK™ is a trademarked technology
      Launched during Meeting of the Minds Symposium