Phototrope is a running top designed by Studio Pauline van Dongen. Taking use of flexible and washable LED ribbon’s placed under prismatic foild, it’s designed to improve the safety and and experience of running in low-light environments.


      project details

      Phototrope is designed to improve the comfort, experience and effectiveness of running at nighttime. This illuminated running shirt incorporates LED
      ribbons, which are hidden behind soft and flexible
      TPU foils. Through their prismatic structure they
      refract the light of the LED’s in a vibrant and subtly
      multi-coloured way, and enhance the dynamic look of the sports apparel design.

      The design was created from a problem solving perspective and continued to explore user experience to enhance the use of the design in interactive context.

      Being a runner myself, I often tried running with light bracelets at night time. However, they always fall of, as one size does not fit all. Also they are limited in increasing safety. Phototrobe takes use of washable LED technology, that’s integrated in a top, that keep the runner visible from all angles, without compromising the comfort of the wearer.

      Not only does the top boost the visibility of runners, improving their safety at night time, but linked to an iPad app it brings new opportunities to training. Different programs can be linked to the LED lights, creating interactive training games. In example, it can train a group to run at the same pace, only flickering the lights at the same rhythm when the runners hold the same pace.

      Design: Pauline van Dongen

      Strategy: Paulien Routs

      Photography: Joe Hammond

      Design by Pauline van Dongen
      Made with the support of Schoeller Textiles