Fysiopal is a design made by Elitac B.V. and Studio Pauline van Dongen. With integrated electronics in the backpanel, the garment informs the wearer about her posture with a gentle vibration.  The top is ment to be worn under your regular clothing functions as a wearable tool for body posture conditioning.


      project details

      Fysiopal functions as a second skin that measures haptic signals around the neck, shoulders and back of the body. The Fysiopal product consists of a shirt with integrated hardware, designed to be worn under regular clothing, and a smartphone app visualizing the collected data about the body posture. When the wearer adopts an unhealthy posture the smart shirt com- municates a reminder through vibration
      to rehabilitate our body position. With these sensorial properties and communication software Fysiopal is ideal for usage during office hours.

      Design: Pauline van Dongen

      Branding & Art Direction: Paulien Routs

      Photography: Wouter le Duc

      Make-up and Hair: Sophie Theenaart

      Model: Marije Bergmans

      Design by studio Pauline van Dongen
      In collaboration with Elitac