Care & Cloth, is a program curated in the assignment of U CREATE, the center of expertise for the Dutch creative industries, specialized in creating cross-over with the health sector. The program featured a workshop, lecture, and exhibition demonstrating the possibilities of innovating our health care system and health practices through the establishment of collaborations with fashion technology designers



      project details

      The healthcare industry is on the verge of a revolution, subjected to design. Wearable technology designers are introducing us to smart applications in design, that are going to transform the future of patient and caregiver.

      Care and Cloth is a combination of a workshop, lecture and exhibition on the beginning of a new era in the health sector. What will the roll of the caregiver become in a future where clothing and accessories are able to make diagnoses? And how will interactions with patients change when their garments constantly keeping you in contact? What will it mean to be a patient when design becomes part of your treatment, and how will the designer be positioned within this process?

      Wearable technology designers, doctors, and patients share a joint future. A new design industry is arising within the domain of health and is currently being shaped by the first pioneers. The program of care and cloth brings experts together to share knowledge, explore collaboration possibilities, and discuss the course of their current and future joint practices.

      Programming & curation: Paulien Routs

      Exhibition design in collaboration with: DNNK Design studio

      Part of programming at JIM, Jaarbeurs Innovation Mile
      In assignment of UCREATE