Be-Tween is an outfit made by Pauline van Dongen, in collaboration with researchers from the TU Eindhoven and SLEM.  The generative design method the designer chose to use, to create a made-to-measure outfit has been taken as center point in the branding and communication of the project. The story and campaign focus on the relation between garment and computational crafting methods  that represents the fashion industry of the future.


      project details

      Be-Tween is an outfit designed for Jet Bussemaker, Dutch Minister of education, culture and science. For the occasion of ‘Prinsjesdag’, the day on which the Dutch government presents their agenda for the next year.

      The outfit, existing out of a dress, shoes, hat and a bag, is a computational design; both patterns and fit have been created through algorithmic calculations, applied on a 3D body scan of the Minister. The design shows shows us how highly personalised the future of the fashion industry can become by use of new technologies.

      This new design strategy changes the role of designer and wearer and calls for new ways of crafting. The brand and communication strategy of the projects is focussed on emphasising the innovative design process that takes use of a crafting process that takes place in a digital environment. The project is portrayed with imaginary that represent the process of computational design of 2D and 3D renderings that ultimately turn material into a design.

      The design was presented to the Minister and the audience as the embodiment of the current progress of new technologies in fashion and science. Through these designs and together with the ministry we formulated a story about the impact and importance of the ministry of education, culture and science, on the day the government announced their agenda for the next year.

      Design: Pauline van Dongen

      Branding & Communication: Paulien Routs

      In collaboration with: TU/E

      Photography: Tomas Mutsaers

      Design by studio Pauline van Dongen
      Shoes in collaboration with SLEM
      In collaboration with Leonie Tenthof van Noorden
      In collaboration with Tu/E