Paulien Routs is a design researcher specialised on contextualising the soft values of new emerging technologies. With a science-driven approach she aims to innovate design and design processes.

      She has completed and collaborated on several cutting-edge design innovation projects, working together with engineers, scientists and designers.
      Her work explores the effects of new technologies on design, and how emerging technologies change society’s mindset, leading to new design strategies.

      Taking a critical approach to how emerging technologies change the role of the designers, her research debates the relation between technology, designer and design.

      Fascinated by sensory perception, her way of analysing or working with technology shows strong focus on the (fashioned) body and the way we interact with it.

      With her research she has received a TWOTY-award for it’s strong foresight qualities and she also writes and gives lectures on the topics of new technologies, design, design methods and the relation to human behaviour and the body.

      I use foresight research as fundament for design or strategy innovation projects or as groundwork for critical articles and report

      Taking use of different methodologies, I constantly research, analyse and criticise how new emerging technologies are affecting our society, mindset, and popular cultures.

      If you are looking for insight in new technologies in design, contact me for more information on lectures, reports and articles.

      To innovate design, I exploring possibilities from fresh perspectives and creating concept or prototype products that go beyond the current status quo.

      Working collaboratively with cross-industrial teams on the intersection of science, tech and design, offers new ways to innovate materials and design processes.

      If you are looking to add a cutting-edge innovative product to your portfolio, or want to explore your possibilities, I am happy to help.

      When your products or materials take new shapes, it’s important that your brand strategy is able to embody and communicate this in a suitable way.

      By strategically contextualising innovations within the social, political, commercial environment of the user I help you communicate your innovation to the market in an intuitive manner.

      If you are looking to improve your brand strategy, or to position your new innovation the best way, inform about collaboration possibilities.