Paulien Routs is a design researcher specialized on contextualizing the soft values of new emerging technologies.



      With a science-driven approach, she aims to innovate materials and design processes.



      The changes this brings to the role of the designer and user is what drives her way of thinking and making.


      Making use of different methodologies, I constantly research, analyze and critically review how new emerging technologies take shape in design & popular cultures, and how they are affecting our society and mindset.
      Working collaboratively with cross-industrial teams on the intersection of science, tech, and design enables a science-driven design approach. The combined knowledge and skill offer new opportunities for material and design innovation.
      When creating innovative products and stories, you enter new territory. By contextualizing innovations within the social, political and personal environment of the user, I create strategies that intuitively communicate these products and stories to your audience.


      By Paulien Routs, 31 July
      By Paulien Routs, 22 November