• Future skins || New identities

    Future skins, New identities is an ongoing design research project, exploring new ways in dressing the body.

    For me skin means all the layers we add to the body to protect or decorate it, meaning; it doesn't have to be a textile, it can be anything. Using the therm skin as a doctrine within my research, helps me to bridge our existing dress-logic of putting on trousers and a shirt when getting dressed and makes it easier to find new ones. The project discusses subjects such as; how new technologies in medical industries like as organ printers are effecting our idea of the ideal body, or how our online networking is effecting the way we decorate the skin. When translating these changes in how we can dress the body or communicate with the body itself, new roles for the wearer emerge, asking for a new approach in fashion design. An approach, that copes well with technology merging with the skin, therefore Future skins, New identities debates the current practice of fashion design and wearable technology and puts in a future perspective.            
  • MOOD

    For this edition of MOOD, a trend book by trend agency 'Trendslator', I contributed to the trend research, establishing the themes of the book and the image editing of the book.

    Each January Trendslator publishes a new trend book. MOOD's fundament is a continuous analyses based on media, street and expert research. The trend book contains two sections: Trends + Trendslations. In seven chapters new consumer and market trends are explained including case studies of companies and organisations who work with new strategies and concepts.
  • Trend Presentation Kleine Fabriek

    In assignment of kleine fabriek Amsterdam trade fair, I created a trend presentation for their trade fair in July 2012. The goal of the project was to inform the visiting buyers and shop owners on the latest trend in children’s lifestyle, fashion and retail design. This project consisted out of a trend book and a corresponding exhibition.
  • Innovative fashion systems

    When visiting MMKA's exhibition Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design, I got fascinated by African fashion and their fashion system. It is more sustainable due to their ongoing tradition in dressing and also their contemporary preferences in fashion. The paper I wrote on it explains how I see chances for growth in western fashion industries by looking & learning of the African ways of fashion. A fashion system far more traditional yet far more modern then ours at the same time.

    Images: MMKA, 'Six Yards Guaranteed Dutch Design', quotes from paper.